Gas Repairs in London

Gas as an energy source is in our everyday lives everywhere. Various forms, from petrol to LPG to natural gas, power everything from automobiles to cookers. Despite its efficiency at creating heat, or maybe because of it, there is danger in this natural resource. It’s no wonder we have the Gas Safe Register to ensure those working in the field are properly trained on the latest methods for installing and putting gas to good use in the United Kingdom.

Of course it is vital to use certified technicians when installing equipment around your home or place of business. Ensuring the proper connections saves money because it allows efficient energy transfer, preventing waste. Even the most exacting installation will start to wear after time, though. It is natural with the use of commonplace equipment. Fortunately, engineers trained in the industry and licensed by the Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS), are also the best way to service your equipment.

Why Bother with Professional Servicing?

Gas repairs in the London areaIt may seem, at times, that hiring a professional service for anything is overly expensive. After all, you have other things to spend your money on other than gas engineer’s
fee to tighten a few nuts on the gas line. Likely you are handy with a wrench yourself, or you know someone that can do it a good deal cheaper. This mindset can cost you quite a bit down the road should you have to replace the equipment due to excessive wear.

Improper installation and maintenance of gas lines can have serious consequences, too. It can result in a gas leak, which might lead to carbon dioxide building up in your home or an uncontrolled fire in serious cases. No matter how handy you or your friend may be, chances are a certified technician knows many more potential pitfalls in your project than you. They can test for stress points and tiny breaks in an older line and ensure the entire system is working properly.

If you’re upgrading anything in your home or place of business, they can tell if your current gas service lines will be able to handle the new load or if you will need to upgrade those as well. If you ever decide to sell your property, having everything properly licensed and inspected all along will save the cost of doing it during the sale and possibly even make it more attractive to your buyer.

Because the Gas Safe Register requires engineers to renew their various certifications, including the ACS and their specialties, they are able to make money-saving suggestions of which you might be unaware. A licensed technician will be able to suggest energy efficient models your research may miss or alternative energy sources you didn’t know where an option. It may cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but think of how the monthly savings will add up.

How We Can Help

With over 40 years’ experience, Heat Control London can guarantee our expertise for your plumbing and heating needs. We will gladly service your current system, offering a free estimate of the work you need. Should you benefit from newer technology we can tell you about your options in biomass energy, underfloor heating (which saves on airborne allergens, too), or even getting off gas with solar energy solutions. Our family owned company provides a quality experience in your home at your convenience.

There are multitudinous companies offering similar services in the London area, but you won’t find a more dedicated team to fill your needs. Once you have chosen to allow us to take proper care of your equipment, you will receive personalized and attentive customer service as we maintain your home or business systems. As part of the process, we promise to give you a reliable time estimate so you can rest assured we will complete your job in just the right time.

Our Annual Service Plan, which is available on new installations and maintenance services, gives you access to 24 hour, on-call technicians should you ever have an emergency need. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with our service so you won’t hesitate to choose us for all your plumbing and heating needs. Heat Control is here for you!