Gas Engineer In London

If you’re looking for a quality gas engineer in London, you’ve hit the right place. Whether powering boilers, cookers, or heating systems, gas is a part of our lives every day. Often considered one of the most efficient forms of producing heat, there is danger in this natural resource we have tamed. It’s no wonder we have the Gas Safe Register to ensure those working in the field are properly trained on the latest methods for installing and using gas in its various forms – natural gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas, or the expanding use of biogas.

Gas engineers tend to specialise in certain applications of the substance. While it’s true every engineer has to have basic training in safety standards and traits of gas, the varied applications are too far-reaching for any one person to handle. Basic training in the field allows an engineer to pass the Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS), which is the first step to certifying competence in specific areas. Following this, after enrolling in the Gas Safe Register, an engineer can begin working in the UK and finding their niche.

Why Hire a Gas Engineer?

Many people looking to repair, replace, or install a gas system believe it to be as simple as plugging in a new appliance. With system standardization and interchangeable parts, it may seem like there is no need to hire a professional. This mindset is often derived from a desire to save time and money,
however it can lead to unanticipated costs.

gas-engineer-londonFirst and foremost of these is the danger of an improper gas connection. This could lead to leaks in your home with costly consequences – increased energy bills, dangerous fumes, and even fire hazards. The best intentioned amateurs can overlook something a trained professional knows to inspect. Of course the handy homeowner may not make a dangerous mistake, however they may not be aware of modern techniques and materials which can save money over time through efficient delivery of gas and extended durability.

Some homeowners may also try to save by having an unlicensed individual do the work for them. While there are some who have experience in the industry who are not fully registered, it goes against government safety standards and runs some of the risks described previously. Even if everything goes smoothly, extensive modifications made without permits and certification may cost an owner when it comes to the sale of their home.

Gas engineers are regularly required to renew their various certifications, including the ACS and their specialties. While it may seem overly zealous and can necessitate some additional cost in a project, the process does guarantee a certified engineer is kept up-to-date on the latest techniques and products available. They will also be aware if permits or other documentation are required by your local jurisdiction, avoiding any future encumbrance should you choose to sell or further modify your home. Of course, the greatest benefit of hiring a trained professional is the peace of mind granted by knowing your gas work is done safely.

Why Hire Us?

With over 40 years’ experience, Heat Control London can guarantee our expertise for your plumbing and heating needs. We offer a wide array of services, including appliance installation, underfloor heating systems, boiler maintenance, biomass solutions, and more. Our family owned company provides a quality experience in your home by one of our certified gas engineers.

We know you have many companies from which to choose, but whether you live within London or in the surrounding area you will not find a more dedicated team to fill your needs. Our professional staff will provide a free estimate of the work you need done. You will then receive excellent customer service as we guide you through the decisions you face in choosing products. As part of the process, we promise to give you a reliable time estimate so you can rest assured we will complete your job in just the right time. We even offer you an Annual Service Plan, which includes emergency service should you ever need it.

Once you have experienced the care and concern of Heat Control, we are certain you will return for any future needs as you enjoy the comfort of your home and the security of our knowledge, integrity, and experience. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!