Catering Equipment In London

Running a catering business is an exhausting endeavor under the best of circumstances. Between customer demands, employee issues, and supply concerns, there’s a lot on your plate. The last thing you want to worry about is servicing your equipment, but it can shut things down in a hurry when anything malfunctions. Choosing the proper systems up front and ensuring they are properly maintained will minimize the risk of lost productivity in this manner. Finding professional and good value for money catering equipment servicing within London requires that you do your research thoroughly.

Much of the equipment used in catering production centers on the kitchen and relies heavily on gas as an energy source. Finding the right capacity and efficiency will not only save time in preparing your wares, but it will lower your energy consumption and bills, especially if you are able to embrace some alternative sources. Maintaining a reliable service schedule for your systems will ensure they stay efficient and compliant with regulations and safety standards.

What Can a Certified Engineer Do?

Being licensed by the Accredited Certification Scheme is a great first step for any gas engineer, and there are many highly qualified people working in the industry across the UK. Similarly, other utility experts must be sanctioned by their governing boards. These licensing bodies ensure their members in good standing are up-to-date on the most current equipment and techniques available to ensure proper service and capacity. Whether it be cooktops, ovens, or warming racks, you will benefit from having a certified technician help you choose for your initial installation. Likewise any service, repairs, or upgrades will be best affected by a duly licensed professional.

It can be tempting to cut corners by installing the least expensive model on the market and having them installed by someone you know who is handy with a wrench, but it can cost you in the long run. Often inexpensive alternatives at the outset breakdown, or need to be replaced, more often than the well-established models. Likewise, when your catering equipment does need servicing, the handyman may not be available for your needs, leaving you at the mercy of an organization you may not know and trust.

More than Plumbing and Heating

With over 40 years’ experience, Heat Control London can guarantee our expertise for your Catering Service needs. We are Gas Safe Register certified engineers familiar with all of the top brands in use and carry spare parts for a variety of equipment with us on any service call, in case any unexpected need arises. Similarly, we can offer our expertise in choosing new equipment or upgrades to your current facilities. Should you have need, we will happily offer our expertise on installing and maintaining your in-house laundry machines to keep staff’s uniforms in peak condition.

As a family owned business, we understand how important it is to perform your best at all times, which is why we strive to fill your needs as promptly as possible. In addition to maintaining our certifications and staying abreast of traditional methods of meeting your needs, Heating Control takes pride in exploring up-and-coming technologies and energy sources. Should you have the ability, we can help you explore cost-saving, environmentally friendly options for powering your equipment, such as photovoltaic electricity sources or biomass gas generation. In the long run, these energy source will not only save you money, but help your customers feel better about supporting your conscientious business.

We know you have many companies from which to choose in London and the surrounding area, but you will not find a more dedicated team to fill your needs. Our professional staff will arrive promptly, estimate the work necessary, and keep you updated on progress as necessary. Your business’ efficiency and safety are our top priority, so we will make sure the job is finished and your equipment is fully operational before we leave.

While servicing or installing your systems, we’ll ensure proper inspection is scheduled to minimize downtime at the end of the job. Once you have allowed us to help you, access to our on-call, 24 hour service is also assured. Our ultimate aim is to forever relieve any worry you may have about the equipment you use to get your job done. Leave it in our capable hands – it’s why we’re here!